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It’s Been 60 Years?!


This blog is about my class reunion in July. If you didn’t go to Culver City High School or have never been to a reunion, you might want to stop reading now. I’m writing this for my own amusement so you might be bored to death. I’m in the middle of the fourth row – you know, the gorgeous girl with the necklace!


I and my two high school besties, Jane and Sandra (They will always be Janie and Sandy to me) got rooms at the Ramada on Sepulveda in Culver City for the weekend. This city has changed a lot since 1959. The new Downtown on Culver Boulevard is quite the happening place. The old Culver Hotel is still there. MGM Studios is now Sony, and the cool Culver Theater art deco sign is still there above what is now the Kirk Douglas Playhouse.

So this is where we headed for Friday night dinner. We opted for The Wallace because there was no wait. That seemed like a bad sign on a weekend, but boy were we wrong! The food here was delicious and we had a yummy Italian waiter. Menu was shared plates, so we had Chicken Liver Mousse with balsamic onions and give spice – Asparagus with togarashi vinaigrette, Thai herbs, red onion, cashews, lemon – Walnut Salad with arugula, frisee, sliced apples, dried currants, blue cheese, honey dijon vinaigrette – Seared Scallops with labneh, chermoula, cranberry beans, lemon – sliced Duck Breast with watermelon tequila slaw, shishito blackberry vinaigrette.

With all these dishes so tasty, we had to have dessert. The Oreo Brownie Skillet and the Berry-Cardoman Crumb Pie with 3 spoons were perfect.

Reunion Picnic on Saturday was at Carlson Park at Barman and Motor. We didn’t want to lug food around so we ate a big breakfast at Cafe Laurent across the street from the municipal plunge where I spent the warm days of summer. It used to be called Dennison’s, a hamburger joint where I tasted my first Coca-Cola. It’s French food now and pretty good. Pain Perdu for Jane, Crepes for Sandy and Robby’s Chicken Hash for moi. Too busy eating for photos, but I did get one of my dish.


Who were all the old people at the picnic? That couldn’t be my class, but alas it was. Many I didn’t recognize, some I did. It was fun catching up on the past 60 years!

Wanted to veg Saturday night. Johnnie’s Pastrami was still there on Sepulveda and only a block from our hotel. So it was a picnic in our room with a little wine to wash it all down.

Sunday buffet brunch was at The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey. There were only about 20 of us there which allowed for more intimate and interesting conversations. It was decided that if we waited another 10 years there might not be many left to celebrate. What a dreary thought!!!

The Other Thing – We did take some time to drive through our old neighborhood. My house on Farragut Drive looks very nice.





Friday, September 30th was planned as a #culinary excursion with my high school friend Sandy. We wanted to experience our old neighborhood in a new light. We began in #Venice looking for donuts.  We stopped at Portland-based  Blue Star Donuts located on Abbot Kinney. The display case contents  didn’t look that appealing, so we were off to our next stop, #Menotti’s, known for their latte art. The surprise here is that the coffee actually tastes really good. That is being said by someone who usually has a little coffee with her sweetener. Cody + Jason combined their talents to create my cup of latte with triple hearts. When I finished drinking it, the littlest heart was nestled in the bottom of my cup. How do they do that?

A block away is the boardwalk –  still as we remember it, minus the musclemen from Gold’s Gym. Hatchet Hall is only open for dinner, so we went to Plan B which is walk until we find some place that looks interesting.

Venice Blog Trip

Greens Up on Main is a salads only restaurant – pick your greens and  toppings. Then everything is tossed together with a light dressing and served in a large stainless bowl. Sandy and I opted to share the already put together special. It was kale topped with a tasty chicken salad  and served with “Portuguese” rolls. They just tasted like ordinary rolls to us. When I asked for butter, the waiter looked at me like  the request for such an unhealthy condiment constituted a venal sin!

Since we ate so healthy for lunch, we decided some dessert was in order. Kippy’s is the place for ice cream, all made with organic coconut cream. It’s thick and smooth like real ice cream and tastes unbelievably delicious. My concoction was a scoop of mango and of chocolate mocha (no caffeine) topped with dried mulberries, and a drizzle of caramel chocolate. It makes my mouth water just writing about it.

Now began the real adventure. Sandy’s cellphone GPS system didn’t like our request for a non-freeway route to #CulverCity (we both went to high school there). The best she could do was get the bicycle route. I knew we could get to Culver City by following Venice Boulevard to Culver Boulevard, but we were intrigued with the idea of this route. So a drive which should have taken us about 20 minutes took over an hour! But we saw residential areas of Santa Monica, Palms and Mar Vista that we hadn’t seen in years. Since we were not in a hurry, it was really a quite an enjoyable ride.

Culver City Blog Trip

Culver  City has made quite a comeback. The downtown is very hip and happening, especially on a Friday night. We checked out the new Platform development on Washington Boulevard. It takes up two long blocks. When finished, it will include several small restaurants, retail and loft living spaces. The common area landscaping  feature lots of succulents and other drought resistant plants highlighting several gathering spots comfortably furnished for conversation and some outdoor dining.

The Helms Bakery building is where we were headed for dinner at Lukshon with my son Jeff. Free valet here and a large open outside area that acts as a meeting place as well as walkways to the shops and restaurants,  all of which offer outside and inside dining.  You could easily spend all day here. Lukshon offers Asian fusion fare serving small plates in impeccable style with service to match. We ate outside in an area featuring the elegance of a long low fireplace providing aesthetics rather than warmth. Each bite was an experience. We shared tea leaf salad,  grilled Brussel sprouts, spicy chicken pops, cheang mai curry noodles, Santa Barbara uni toast, and Hawaiian butterfish. If that wasn’t enough, we had masala chai donuts with dark chocolate green cardamom sauce for dessert.  Jeff had a cup of Vietnamese style coffee that he said was perfect. Check out Lukshon’s full menu online at This restaurant is definitely a must for you foodies out there!!

#TheOtherThing – contrary to what Thomas Wolfe said, you CAN go home again. And it’s better than ever!!






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