Ballast Point Sign


A restaurant with a fabulous view, good food and attentive service – what a concept! Ballast Point in the Long Beach Marina should be a must on your “Let’s go out” list. It was a beautiful day but my camera was not cooperating and didn’t do justice to the view. BP is on 3 levels, all featuring a beautiful view of the marina, Shoreline Village and downtown Long Beach. There is a huge bar on the middle level with outside seating on all 3 levels. Lots of comfortable furniture under umbrellas, bar seating everywhere.

Brewing and Spirits is how they are advertised so the beer and ale list is extensive, but there is wine. However, this place screams – Have a beer!! Not being beer drinkers, Julie and I asked the waitress for the lightest, sissiest beer on the menu. It was a warm day and the glass and beer were very cold and it tasted yummy to us and quite refreshing – who could ask for more?

The roof seems to have the best view, if that is possible, so this is where we had our delicious lunch. The huge chicken salad sandwich for Julie was unlike any ever seen before, with chunks of chicken breast, bacon, white cheddar, Napa cabbage and tomatoes. My pepper-wrapped grilled ahi burger with roasted tomatoes and sautéed beer onions was heaven!

Ballast Point ViewBallast Ahi.jpg

One other thing – This is a place that you don’t want to leave. Come back just for a beer and enjoy the view. Bring your friends. Have dinner. It is worth the experience.