I started a Reader’s Log in 1997 and as of March, 2021, I have read 1,040 books. I think all written word has a degree of relevance, but some are worth mentioning to my readers who share my love of books. If you’re not much a reader, you can can exit now and go on with your day. Reader Alert for those continuing out of curiosity, there are no photos in this blog.

In the early 90s, I joined my first book club – at Barnes & Noble at Marina Pacifica Mall in Long Beach. I was looking for a non-fiction group but it met on a night I was unavailable. That is how I became a fan of mysteries. First novel in my Log was “Daughter of Time” by Josephine Tey.

“The Poet” was the fifth mystery novel by Michael Connelly and probably my favorite in the crime/mystery genre. Plot is about the supposed suicide of the main character’s brother – it kept me guessing. I like not being able to figure out the ending. I don’t care for the obvious.

“We Were the Mulvaneys” by Joyce Carol Oates is a story of how one tragic event affects the lives of everyone in this small town family. You really care for these characters.

“Black Water” by Robert B. Parker is the last Spencer novel before the author’s death.

“The Stand” and “11-22-63” are my two favorite of Stephen King’s 85 novels. I have read them all. No gore and creepy stuff in these. Even if you don’t like King, you might actually like these.

I read Larry McMurphy’s Pulitzer prize winning “Lonesome Dove” in 1987. I was dating a cowboy at the time, and this was his favorite book. My friends called him the Marlboro Man, and he really was quite yummy – but I digress – on with the book recommendations.

“Hitchhiker’s Gide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams and “The 5 People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albon are interesting reads.

Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood has been made into a Hulu series

“The Good Earth” by Pearl Buck is a classic worth reading again.

“Black Dahlia” by James Elroy is based on the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short in Los Angeles. Crime was never solved.

“1 for the Money” to “Tantalizing 27” by Janet Evanovich writes about bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, and are easy and fun reads when you are bored with nothing else to do. I have read them all so I must have been bored quite a lot!!

The 7 books in the “Outlander” series by Diana Galbaldon are favorites of mine. It involves time travel and the consequences of going back and forth in time. Very compelling and habit forming.

“Touch” by Elmore Leonard was rejected several times until published. Some consider it his best.

Author John Krakauer was actually on this Everest climb in “Into Thin Air”.

“I, The Jury” by Mickey Spillane is a classic gumshoe introducing PI Mike Hammer.

“Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tam

“The Four Agreements” by Don Manuel Ruiz

“The Ice House” first novel by Minette Walters

The Onion Field” the first and my favorite of Joseph Wambaugh’s 20+ novels

Burro Genius” is author Victor Villasenor’s story of going to school in the 1940s Orange County, and how his lack of English presented challenges. Teachers felt he was stupid and lazy – how he overcame racism to become a successful writer.

“Galadria Trilogy” by Miguel Lopez DeLeon is young adult fantasy. I am an old adult, and I love them. Read these first three, and you will want to read the rest. Number 8 will be out soon.

Repairman Jack is the main character in a series of novels by F. Paul Wilson.. To relate Jack’s adventures, he uses realistic thriller-like situations to tell a story with a supernatural theme.

The Other Thing – As a 1970s housewife, “The Flame and the Flower” by Kathleen Woodiwiss was a fun escape. Romance novels like this (aka bodice rippers) were improper in every sense, but oh such fun.