I will be talking about all the meals I enjoyed and the order in which I enjoyed them. These meals were all shared with my granddaughter in whose new apartment I stayed. She lives very very close to several yummy eating establishments. Our first dinner was at Fresco’s where we experienced a spinach and artichoke Stromboli. This is a type of turnover stuffed with various cheeses, cold cuts or vegetables — like a fancy calzone. The dough is either Italian bread dough or pizza dough.

Breakfast the next morning was at Satsuma. The name means  a type of tangerine originally grown in Japan. I’m not sure what the name had to do with the food served though. The pineapple ginger limeade was delicious. Avocado Toast for me with a poached egg, fresh basil, shaved radish, lemon zest and olive oil on sourdough. Turkey sandwich for Kaitlynn with roasted red peppers, pesto aioli and provolone on ciabatta.

At Zotz Café its the experience, not the beverages. Their motto is “Home of the Strange and Unusual – the coffee shop your mama warned you about”. Funky and fun!! Their website pairs your zodiac sign with the drink you should order. Since we are both Cancer – We are assertive and born for the limelight (not so sure that’s true). Our drink is the Lemon Drop (Lemon + Mojito). We didn’t order this. We drank our coffee before we ever looked at their website.

Camellia Grill is a non-descript counter service only diner in business since 1946. Basic Southern menu with no frills, but the crawfish po’boy was quite tasty. My side was Corn MacQue Choux which is their version of creamed corn – interesting but probably won’t try it again. Kaitlynn ordered “The Hickmen’s”, a burger with Swiss cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms. I dont’ know who the Hickmen are, but their burger was messy and good.

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