Arugula Salad with endive, apples, gorgonzola  and candied   walnuts accompanied by Margherita  pizza with crushed San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella and  basil for my luncheon companion.imag0446

For me the Escarole pizza with fontina, mozzarella, chopped escarole,  and mushrooms.  I opted to leave out the Calabrian chiles. They are spicy and I am a wimp  when it comes to heat. This pizza was  delicious  well beyond my expectations. The blend of flavors was intriguing. Escarole, not usually seen on a pizza, lent a wonderfully pleasant and crunchy tang. The crusts on the pizzas are light and crispy – no leaving them on the plate at Pizzeria Ortica.imag0444

Dessert was another lovely surprise – Torta Di Cioccolato. chocolate cake with vanilla gelato and candid orange peel.imag0447

This was a very pleasant dining experience from the atmosphere, the food,  and the service.  One other thing was the exquisite art on the wall above our table. Photographer Jennie Breeze takes beautiful travel photos and the dozen or so on exhibit were all taken in Italy. What more appropriate place in which to show them.

Pizzeria Ortica, 650 Anton Boulevard, Costa Mesa