I read the book and just saw the movie over the weekend. So many times the movie is a disappointment because it can’t always copy the nuances of the written work. Detail gets lost in the two-hour time restriction. This was definitely not the case here. Even though the movie introduced the characters in a manner unlike that of the book, it was still compelling – a little disconcerting sometimes with the back and forth of place and time, but still cohesive. It was obvious those in the audience who had not read the book. The ending can be quite an unexpected surprise.

If you have seen the movie but not read the book, I recommend you read it even you think you know the ending. Two different perspectives. The entire experience for me was quite satisfying. I haven’t been totally entertained by a movie for quite some time. What a refreshing change!

I am thinking Oscar nomination for Emily Blunt as Rachel. Her performance was very powerful. You didn’t know whether to feel sorry for her, be annoyed by her behavior, or just want to shake some sense into her.