On Old Newport Boulevard across from Hoag Hospital is a very tasty Vietnamese restaurant called Lotus Bistro with the best pho I have tasted in a long time. The owner cooks his special broth for 14 hours. Lynn and I began with the egg rolls – ground shrimp and pork with shredded carrot, taro and onion served with the Lotus fish sauce.

The special combination pho (pronounced “feh” or the easier to say “fa”) contains rare beef, well-done brisket, flank steak and meatball. The broth is so good that I actually slurped it up with a straw!

I wanted to take leftovers home for another chance to experience this goodness. I had no leftovers, so Lynn and I ordered a beef Banh Mi to go. This is the Vietnamese version of beef dip. There are so many tempting items on the menu. I know I will return. The coconut smoothie served in an actual coconut looks interesting.

The other thing is this – There are so many Vietnamese restaurants in the Costa Mesa area alone, it is nice to know that I have found one that is worth a repeat visit. Not only is the food good but the service is friendly and very accommodating.