Fermentation Farm is at 1125 Victoria Street in Costa Mesa. It is in a small strip mall but their store is on the corner and the sign faces the street. You can’t miss it, and you shouldn’t. Lizzie (one of several friendly and helpful staff members) waited on me and took me on a first timer’s tour of the small but very  busy space. The best way to explain what they sell here is to quote from their flyer. They specialize in handcrafted fermented foods and drinks. Their goal is to bring back traditional foods from the past that are high in nutrients, electrolytes, collagen and minerals which are necessary for gut and immune system function and overall body wellness.

This is not a café. It is a store. There is, however, a small tasting bar where you can experience some of the flavors. You can order a bowl of  chicken or beef bone broth (goodbye Swanson) then add your own ingredients from the condiment bar. I opted for chicken broth with generous portions of chopped organic carrots and celery, ginger, scallions, barley, turmeric (very strong flavor so just a dash), and fermented garlic. Wonderful bursts of flavor and very satisfying.

Kombucha fermented tea is quite popular right now and they have many flavor options. I bought a “growler”(64oz jug) and filled it with the natural fresh flavor. My son has been drinking Kombucha for quite a while and to quote him, “It has changed my life”.

Fermentation sells the organic beverages, bone broths, crock-fermented vegetables, raw dairy and organic locally-sourced products. There are also classes in fermenting, and they sell the supplies.

Fermentation Farms is actually a private club that charges a whopping $25 for a lifetime membership. Check them out at http://www.fermfarm.com. Eating healthy can actually be fun!!

The one other thing is the pico de gallo being made in the kitchen area. Several huge tubs of fresh tomatoes being blended with a special mixture of organic herbs and spices. the smell of that wonderful concoction was reason enough for my visit.