Art in the park in Beverly Hills – could it be anything but classy. The semi-annual Beverly Hills Art Show is held at Beverly Gardens Park on Santa Monica Boulevard between Rodeo and Rexford. It is not your typical arts and crafts fair with local mom and pop vendors. The art displayed here was very upscale, gallery worthy and priced beyond my means. It was all lovely to look at and to envision a certain painting over your living room sofa or that that lovely flower sculpture in your backyard. If it didn’t cost thousands of dollars, it would make a great jungle gym for kids.


That was the beginning of our Beverly Hills adventure. Next we were off to the newly opened the 5-star Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the only one I am aware of outside of New York City. The name itself brings to my mind elegant lobby furnishings,  beautiful fresh flowers everywhere,  and crystal everything. On that level it was a bit disappointing. It was quite nice but not the breathtaking effect I was expecting. In my past life I was in a position to frequent many hot spots, eat many meals from award winning chefs in many-starred restaurants.  Sometimes I over expect, and the experience falls short. That sounds so pretentious, doesn’t it?

My son Jeff and I and our friends Mickey and Erin were anxious to taste the food. Jean Georges is world famous. Reservations for dinner were booked for “eons” so we went early for drinks in the lobby and then a light lunch on the rooftop where we got the last reservation available that day.

The service in the lobby lounge was beyond what you would normally expect. Our wait person knew the menu backward and forward, gave interesting suggestions, and attended to our needs before we knew we needed anything — plus she was adorable. I told her should be the head of the hotel’s marketing department! We shared a small pizza with a crust so thin it was almost not there. Two cappuccinos and two sparkling sodas cost a week’s pay here, but everything was tasty and we enjoyed the experience.

The view from the rooftop was spectacular – Beverly Hills, the Valley, Downtown Los Angeles and, if there weren’t so many tall building in the way, you could probably see the ocean. We did see a few swimming pools. This is definitely a meeting place for those who can afford it on a regular basis. The atmosphere is friendly and the seating comfortable. A light lunch with still no alcohol was pretty expensive – but split 4 ways was doable.

The food was very good, but I would like a chance to have the full Jean Georges experience for dinner. I am saving up now. In about 6 months when reservations are available, I should have enough that might also include alcohol.

My son lives in Studio City. I stayed over and forced him and Mickey to take me to see “It”. No one in my neighborhood wanted to see it. I am a huge Stephen King fan. We all liked it, and as I expected as it drew to a close, Chapter Two would be coming soon.

On the way home from the movie we stopped at Big Sugar Bakeshop for some desserts – Lemon Square, Vegan Chocolate Cupcake, 3 Doughnut Muffins, Raspberry Red Velvet “cakewich” from CakeMonkey,  and Southern Banana Pudding. Photo doesn’t do them justice. They were all so very yummy!!


The Other Thing – Beverly Hills was fun but the next morning it was off to Hugo’s for a good old-fashioned home style breakfast. Like they say (who is “they” by the way), it’s (Beverly Hills) nice to visit but there is no place like home!