This open-air food court on Long Beach Boulevard is unique in its design and structure. It looks like a giant cage with gates that close and lock at night, securing everything inside. It is very open inside with lacquered top picnic tables and benches for eating. I woulcall this place industrial chic.

I was meeting Julie here – we finally have a food court to visit in her territory. I got there a little early so I had a Decaf Vanilla Latte at Steelhead Coffee. The baristas were very friendly and the coffee was good. The lovely foam double heart lasted all the way to the bottom of my cup.

Although SteelCraft officially opened on February 3rd, we were unsure how many vendors were in operation. There were only 4 currently open for lunch – Waffle Love, Pig Pen Delicacy, Tajima, and Desano Pizza Bakery. We opted for Pig Pen – which was not actually all about pork. Julie ordered a MacDaddy Burger with candied bacon, American cheese and barbecue sauce served between their signature mac-n-cheese buns. I opted for the Chicken Sandwich with garlic aoli, spring mix, tomato and melted feta served on a brioche bun. Both of these were quite good. Beef patty cooked just right and the chicken breast nice and juicy.

SteelHead Coffee sits right on the sidewalk so passersby, walking or in their car, can stop on their way to work. There are 30-minute parking spots marked in that block of Long Beach Boulevard so you can actually pull your car right up in front.

The Other Thing – I think I could hang out here. It seems that Long Beach Firefighters  like Steelhead Coffee.