Not everyone is a Dan Brown fan, but I think many forget that his novels are FICTION! There is just a germ of possible truth in them that makes you think. I am of the opinion that whatever makes you actually think is a good thing. I take notes when I read his novels (the word “novel” also indicates that it is fiction). There are many names and places, art works, buildings, monuments and architectural styles that fire my imagination. I look them up in the dictionary, online, in my art history textbook to get more information. I am a little more informed by reading Dan Brown. Is that blasphemy? I think not. One is never too old to learn something new. So I say to you Dan Brown haters, lighten up. His novels are fun. I ought to know because I have read them all. The author is not trying to change anyone’s mind about religion, philosophy or science. His purpose is to entertain. But they do, however, contain a few history lessons.


Here is what I have learned from his latest, “Origin”. The theme is a controversial one.(what else is new) – Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? I have an entire page of things to check out – because they are so interesting, and they are actual places, etc. Here are my notes:

  1. Pesseig de Gracia
  2. Islesia Catolica Palmariana – La Islesia Oscura
  3. Pope Gregory XV11??
  4. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain
  5. Antoni Gaudi – “God’s Architect”
  6.        Park Guell
  7.        Basilica de la Sagrada Familia 1882 – Tallest church in world
  8.        Casa Milia 1906
  9.        La Pedera
  10. Panots
  11. Carlist Movement
  12. Almudena Cathedral in Madrid
  13. Friedrick Nietzsche “The Peacock and the Buffalo”
  14.         275 poems about God, death and the human mind
  15. The Complete Works of William Blake – check out page 163
  16.        “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”
  17. Paul Gauguin painting that is entitled
  18.         “D’ou Venons Nous/Que Sommes Nous/Ou Allons Nous”
  19.         Newborn baby/people of different ages doing a variety of things/”strange  white         bird” sits beside an elderly woman representing what the artist says represents         “the futility of words”

The Other Thing – Nineteen and I still have 161 pages to read. Doesn’t something here peak your interest?