On a bright sunny day, me, myself, and I headed south for some cultural enrichment. My first stop was the Scape Gallery in Corona del Mar. I don’t really know that much about art but I know what I like. If it speaks to me in some way and is visually appealing then it works for me.


My friend Caesar Alzate Jr. is one of the artists on exhibit. The gallery was closed for the entire Holiday weekend, but owner Jeannie Denholm answered the phone when I called the number on the front door, and she was kind enough to open for me. Her gallery is a delightful open and light space. It has been a focal point for art and related activities for 14 years. She has been active in the art business for 3 decades and has an extensive background assisting corporations and private collectors with art acquisitions and curatorial services.

Jeannie is pleased to show Caesar’s work. Two of his pieces have sold, with interest in 2 more. Entitled “Mano/Mono”, the featured artists in this exhibition use media in a monochromatic style. Since Caesar is color blind, he chooses to work in one color. In his multi-layered pieces, he uses paint straight from the tube, and with a heat gun, he vaporizes the paint. It is very labor intensive using thousands of layers. The results are amazing.

“We believe art is one of the key ingredients in creating a stimulating and satisfying home. Our strategic commitment in this area stems from this conviction,” says Jeannie. For more information about exhibitions and activities, visit her website at scapesite.com.

Now, off to the Laguna Museum of Art. Local art icon Tony Delap is having a one-man show, and it is pretty awesome. One of the docents told me that he was on site every day for the 2 weeks it took to install his works. So you know that everything is hung in the exact location he wanted. Tony is 91 years old and still producing art. Don’t we wish we could be doing the same at that age!!

To top off the day, I had a great lunch along with a cold refreshing  “Pear Mule” at Skyloft. I sat outside on the first deck with a view of downtown and the ocean.

The Other Thing – I had an enjoyable day on my own, and as my brother often says,”Sometimes you’re just your own best friend”.