Republic is listed as #19 on Jonathan Gold’s 2017 101 Best Restaurants. My first impression was a little disappointing because I was unaware that this place had communal dining. This arrangement makes conversation difficult, and the dining experience not as intimate. Jeff, Mickey and Erin seemed fine with it though.

We ordered small plates to share which increases tasting opportunities for which I am always appreciative. The potato and leek beignets were delicious. They were bite size so you got that burst of flavor from the gruyere and horseradish aioli. We ordered the Foie Gras Torchon Toast because we thought we should.  Cauliflower with charred cucumber, yogurt, crispy falafel and mint. was pretty tasty. The Prime Dry-Aged Ribeye Cap was served with California green asparagus, maui onions, chanterelle mushrooms was excellent. The pasta was Corn Agnolotti with brown butter, parmesan and basil. We ordered it as it seems cooking in brown butter is the latest “in” thing. Mary’s Organic Roasted Chicken was baked and served in a skillet with brentwood corn, green and yellow wax beans, sungold tomatoes, and roasted jus. What a convenient coincidence that it was carved in fourths.

Dessert is always a treat no matter what dinner is all about.

The food was very good but there were no OMG moments. Jeff said that maybe because we have eaten in so many fine restaurants in the past and have had  diverse dining experiences, the bar has been raised too high. Number 19 or not, it’s only one person’s opinion, and it’s all subjective anyway, right?

The entire weekend was an early birthday celebration from my son.  Laurel Point, The Last Bookstore, Hotel Figueroa, Republique and a fabulous Sunday brunch prepared by my son’s loving hands. Bloody Marys accompanied by Jennifer’s famous charcuterie tray – a watermelon salad with arugula, feta cheese and berries – granola with fresh fruit, nuts and almond milk – eggs baked in a ramekin with cheese and herbs, followed by a cup of that really tasty Nespresso coffee.

The Other thing – When I texted Jeff the next day to thank him again for the great weekend, he said, “You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. Next time it’s Bestia (#17 and Providence (#2).”