Interpro Travel is the best, and not just because owner Roberto Torrini is a friend. Our itinerary always include an unscheduled surprise. The one our group experienced on the 2013 Food and Wine Tour of Northern Italy was a very special treat.
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Dozza is a small community in the Emilia-Romagna region in the province of Bologna.     It is known for its festival of the painted wall, which takes place every two years in September. During this festival, famous national and international artists paint permanent works on the walls of the houses. Our tour bus was too large for the narrow streets, so it parked down below and we walked up the hill. The art, of course, is very good. It is charming and colorful – quite a feast for the eyes.

There was lots of time to walk through the town, look at the art, relax at a little café with a glass of wine and just enjoy the day.

The Other Thing – Dozza has a website if you understand Italian.  To see more art, and in more detail, go to It’s all pretty amazing!