I wasn’t going to blog about Mama’s. I was just going to enjoy a belated birthday lunch with my friend Julie. As soon as we walked in, I completely changed my mind. This place is a hoot!!

First of all, our waitress, Jennette, is now on my “10 Favorite Waitpersons” list. The menu is newspaper-style and fun to read. Their Taco Tuesday is on Monday, and the next day is “Where’s My Wife Wednesday”.

Julie had the Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese made with ham and 5 kinds of cheese. Any cheese sandwich with Havarti on it is super OK by me. I chose Cayla’s Vegan Sam-Wich with grilled chicken. Piled with arugula, avocado, basil aioli, red onion and tomato, this concoction was so full of flavor. My mouth was watering just looking at it! The parmesan garlic fries were nice and crispy.

We went to the Mama’s on Los Alamitos Boulevard, but their original restaurant is at Beach and Atlanta in Huntington Beach – much closer for me.

The Other Thing – They serve Thrifty ice cream! We shared a scoop of Cherry Chocolate Chip. I had forgotten just how yummy Thrifty ice cream is. It is not around much any more. I think there are some in the Rite Aid drug stores.