This restaurant at PCH and Blue Lantern in Dana Point is visually inviting as it provides an architecturally open space that is a pleasure to behold. The furniture and décor are bright and beach-breezy with blue accents that pop. We liked it before we even saw the menu.

As the birthday girl, Jennifer couldn’t have chosen a better place for our celebration. She is a caterer, Debbie is a chef and I love to eat. So what more appropriate friends to be my lunch companions. The menu at Coastal Kitchen is just the right size so it doesn’t take us forever to choose, even though everything sounded good.  We started with the Smoked Trout Dip served with toast points. I could have eaten it with a spoon – and I did!


Jennifer ordered the Parmesan Fried Chicken BLT with Swiss Cheese, Smoked Bacon and Arugula. Debbie and I had the Cuban Sandwich – hers with Fries and mine with Slaw. I ordered mine protein style since I am trying to avoid carbs. (Imagine a foodie like me trying to avoid anything?) It was pretty messing eating that way, but was muy delicious.

Jennifer loves Coastal Kitchen’s key Lime Pie. It was delivered with a lit candle. Very  much yum!!    (Somehow I lost the pie pic)

The Other Thing – The service was great. Waiter was very friendly and helpful. Jennifer had been there several times. Debbie and I agreed that we like her taste. We will definitely be back.