This is the latest entry in the mega-burger genre. The original in this category is The Counter.  It has table service which most of it successors do not.  According to the young man who took my order, Burger Lounge is probably their direct competition. At both, you order at the counter and your burger is delivered to your table.  I love Burger Lounge but I think Burger Boss has it beat with the quality of their beef. Now days it is all about grass-fed and hormone and antibiotic free. All good – but at Burger Boss the meat was a little more flavorful. To judge all the burgers on a level playing field, I order the same condiments each time — mayo, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and blue cheese.


Cooked just right, this burger was delicious. But the kicker here is the French fries. They were well beyond the norm. Fried in sunflower oil and with some skin left on them, they were very crispy and the best I have tasted in quite some time.

There are tons of options on your beef, turkey, chicken, black bean burger served on you choice of bun, choice of  7 cheeses. and every condiment you can imagine. The place is clean and neat and the counter help efficient and enthusiastic.

The Other Thing – There is a pet friendly patio, but if you eat outside you have to contend with traffic noise. Located at Orange and PCH in Newport Beach, this is a little disconcerting — the only thing that keeps Burger Boss from a plus plus rating from me.