This is a time in our history that won’t soon be forgotten. The chaos of social distancing, buying online, and worry about being infected and passing it on to others, it is certainly a new normal for us right now. We don’t know how long our movements will be restricted, but we will carry on.

So what do I do at home all day? Since I blog about travel and food, my post subjects are limited, to say the least. I have no yard to garden, no front porch to sit on while enjoying the sunshine. I am an adult colorer. I have finished my puzzle book and am almost finished with the word search. I am reading my last 2 books (libraries and bookstores are closed). I refuse to be an e-reader. My granddaughter and I made a vow when she was young to always read books that we get from the library.


Here is what happens when I decide to put on my happy shoes…….


My  kind and giving friend Dennis left 3 books on my doorstep. Another friend set up an app called Marco Polo that allows me to facetime with my “sisters”. We joke about the gray hairs that are showing, nails needing a manicure but mostly assuring each other that we are staying safe and occupying our time in whatever ways we can to keep the boredom from becoming overwhelming.


My family is as safe as possible right now, but I am concerned about the small businesses in my town and how they will survive being closed for an indeterminate amount of time. My favorite new coffee shop is Hola Adios. They have only been in business for a few months. Their decaf vanilla latte is killer. The owner is working on a special blend of chai for which I have been anxiously waiting. I hope that won’t be long.


There is not much else to say. This is by far the most unteresting blog I have ever posted. Stay safe all of my blog readers out there!!

The Other Thing – I bought a new car before COVID-19 stalled our lives. I have only driven it 3 times!