Today was a beautiful day for me, myself and I to go for a little drive down the coast to Dana Point Harbor. I walked 2-1/2 miles around the marina according to my Fitbit, so that called for some celebration.

This would be my first restaurant visit in almost one year. Harpoon Henry’s patio was expanded and all tables were many feet apart. The hostess led me to a table that was at least 12 feet away on all sides. I felt quite safe. I have, by the way, had both my Covid vaccinations.

I don’t know if it was because I had only tasted my own cooking for months, or if it was just that good! The clam chowder was loaded with clams, and the crab cakes were barely breaded so I could really taste those tender pieces of crab. Tons of refills on my Arnold Palmer – a friendly chat with three ladies across the patio who were obviously having a very very good time.

I was pretty full but couldn’t resist the call of the ice ream shop next door. My single cone was $5.00 but the blueberry cheesecake ice cream (I thought she had given me 2 scoops) was worth it!!

The Other Thing – The wrapper on the cone totally descries my afternoon in Dana Point.