The big day for my granddaughter has finally arrived. Five classes from the Culinary Lab Pastry School were receiving their diplomas. Covid restrictions had delayed this for many months. Graduation was held in the patio of the 4th Street Market food hall in Santa Ana. Only 2 guests were allowed to attend in person. Other friends and relatives could watch the ceremony on Zoom (including Uncle Dave). Owner and chef Ryan Wagner started the festivities with congratulations and praise for his students.

Representatives from each class made a few remarks about their experiences in class and in what ways they are now involved in the industry after graduation. Lots of clapping and shouting as names were called. I think it was such a relief for the students to finally have their diplomas.

A reception followed with adult beverages, burritos, lots of hugs and photos all around. It was fun for Kaitlynn to see people she hadn’t seen in quite a while.

This event was held near the Santa Ana campus of Culinary. Kaitlynn actually attend the school in Tustin off 17th Street and the 55 Freeway.

Instead of burritos, we walked to Chapter One at Broadway and 2nd and enjoyed some yummy food . All our meals now seem to begin with wine and a charcuterie tray. This one contained prosciutto, spicy capicola, blue cheese, manchego cheese, gherkins, strawberry chipotle jam, dried apricots, and sourdough toast points.

I had the steak sandwich to end all steak sandwiches – culotte steak, blue cheese, carmelized onions, arugula, herb- garlic aioli on grilled sourdough toast.

The Pastry Queen had the Royale with Cheese (homage to Pulp Fiction(?) for those of you old enough to remember). The menu said grass-fed beef patty, secret sauce, American cheese, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, pickles on a brioche bun. Kaitlynn ordered it her way, and she said it was delicious! All sandwiches are served with these thin very crispy fries – so good, but we had to stop eating all of them or we would be too full to get up from the table. Three doggie bags to go!

Some more photos of the event. You blog followers already know I am a picture-taking fool!

The Other Thing – So proud of my granddaughter. She is currently working as head baker at Dough and Arrow on Bristol in Costa Mesa. She is able to use her creativity to experiment with new cookie recipes. I should weigh a ton by now – those cookies are large and sooo good! She is a girl with a plan – today is only the beginning. Stayed tuned……..