Yes, at 11:45am on June 26, 1941 I became me. To celebrate the occasion 80 years later, my kind and loving family decided to throw a party in my honor. It turned out to be the birthday celebration to end all birthday celebrations!! It was held at The Winery at The District in Tustin.

Many many friends were in attendance, and it was wonderful to be able to hug and mingle mask-less. The restaurant staff was very accomplished and efficient. Not one request was left unanswered. The food was excellent. I’ll get that out of the way before I continue with the merriment.

There was a buffet table filled with charcuterie and veggie platters. Waiters also passed caprese skewers, two different kinds of flatbread, beef and mushroom sliders and port belly bites (these were yummy boneless barbecued rib lollipops). Of course, there was also free flowing prosecco, red and white wine. If that was not someone’s beverage of choice, that was soon rectified. All this topped off, of course, with my granddaughter’s Dough & Arrow cookies.

From 5 to 9 pm, there was a lot of fun going on, and selfie frames must have been quite a hit because everyone wanted to be in one. Rather than overload this blog post, I will just show a sample of my peeps being silly.

The entire evening was so amazing and so far beyond what I was expecting. Jeff and Kathleen outdid themselves, and my brother David captured every moment on his camera. Feedback has been so gratifying – every comment from “the food was delicious” to “Your kids certainly know how to throw a party!” I am almost 100% positive that everyone had a great time. Kudos to Maureen for the beautiful centerpieces.

I am so grateful for this lovely celebration. It makes turning 80th fun!

The Other Thing – 77 years later – still cute??