For Mothers Day, my daughter gave me tickets to the Immersive Van Gogh, and the day finally arrived. In a building located at Sunset and Ivar, we saw the most amazing art presentation featuring the works of Vincent Van Gogh. We entered the lobby and walked down an aisle of neon lights into the viewing room.

What happened next was really beyond description. As the colors faded in and out and images took shape, Van Gogh’s many works were slowly revealed. I was pleased with how well my photos turned out, but they do not nearly capture the essence of what we experienced.

It ended with “Starry Night” with which most people are familiar.

Catching our breath after viewing this spectacle, we decided it called for cocktails. We headed west on Sunset to Pink Taco.

We enjoyed pink margaritas while listening to some live music on this sunny Saturday afternoon. Food photos don’t really reflect the yumminess of our lunch – being that they were taken under the shade of very PINK umbrellas.

The Other Thing – Thank you Kathleen for this wonderful Mothers Day gift!