Chaak – Mayan for very busy, very very noisy! This restaurant has been on my “must try” list for some time. Perhaps my first time should not have been on a weekend. I heard it was upscale (maybe), ambiance (not so much), unique menu (definitely). We had a reservation, but had to wait 15 minutes. A table inside was so noisy that we literally had to yell at each other. Our server took pity on us old folks and moved us to a table outside in a patio that was probably set up during Covid. For those of us that do not want to go deaf any time soon, the patio should remain.

Cocktails were the first order of the evening, and they were quite tasty. It’s small plates here, and there are plenty of choices to share. They all had interesting names which thankfully were translated for us non-Mayans. Sikil P’Ak is pumpkin seed dip with totopos and cucumbers. Ceviche Campeche is Octopus, striped bass, grape tomato pico and leche de tigre.

Next were Empanadas with Oaxaca cheese, and epazote. Tamal Colado was Wild Mushroom Ragu, escabeche and spicy sausage, and Esquites/Grilled Com Bone Marrow, lime, cilantro, and pecorino.

No meal is complete without dessert. We chose Bombas – beignets dusted in cinnamon-sugar, with house dulce de leche and spiced chocolate sauce.

The Other Thing – The food was good but the atmosphere was not conducive to relaxation and quiet conversation. There were other interesting menu choices, but I doubt that I will return. Not sure about my dinner companions. They may be more forgiving. So many places, so little time.