The indoor food court concept is not a new one in Orange County. There is the Anaheim Packing House, the OC Mart Mix and now Union Market in Tustin at The District. I enjoy going to The District. I find it relaxing, and the conversation groupings set randomly throughout the center offer a pleasant interlude to sit and enjoy a coffee or a soft drink or just to sit.

Union Market has an interesting variety of food options that sets it apart from the usual. Sandra (my lovely foodie friend) and I chose Kettlebar for our lunch. It was located right inside the front entrance, but the “Southern seafood” caught our attention. The server was very attentive without being annoying and knew every detail of the menu. As I  am traveling to New Orleans in August, the p’boys brought back memories. Sandra had the soft shelled crab and I opted for the oyster. They were delicious. The batter was light and crispy and not a bit greasy. On a soft bun with pickles, tomato, lemon vinigrette and honey remoulade was a perfect blend of flavors.

The other thing  is the unusual round metal pot-like objects set up along the bar. They are individual steamers used to prepare the 14 bowls on the menu from the chicken and sausage to the etouffee.. This is their special preparation technique to create authentic Cajun and creole dishes. We will definitely be back.