“The Little Paris Bookshop”


Written by Nina George, this is a quirky tale of a Paris bookshop owner who calls himself a literary apothecary. His floating bookstore is located on a barge on the Seine. He has been pining for a lost love but has not yet opened her farewell letter. It has been over 20 years when he finally reads it. Thus begins his journey, and what an adventure it is.

This book is filled with interesting characters and beautiful places. There is something here for any reader who loves history, enjoys travel, who is a Francophile, or just enjoys an entertaining story.

That is all I am going to say because I don’t want to accidentally give you any spoilers. The Little Paris Bookshop was on the bestseller list in the US for many months and then a bestseller in paperback. It was also a bestseller in Germany for a year, and a best seller in Italy and Poland. It is now officially on my “favorites” list.


The other thing — something that made this book unique for me was my discovery of the existence of a little town in Southeastern France that is known as the “town of books”. Cuisery, population 1500, has so little about it on the internet.  That is probably why it is such a well-kept secret. It sounds like a magical place and if any of you out there reading this blog post know about this town, please contact me. If you have actually been there, even better. I would love to hear about your experience.