Before attending the always astounding Pageant of the Masters, I dined with friends and family at the Driftwood Kitchen in Laguna Beach. It occupies the space formerly known as The Beach House. The renovation presented a much more open and bright atmosphere with a very inviting vibe. Of course it was busy but the server was attentive, and I was surprised by the quality of the food. Everything was really quite good – fresh ingredients and beautifully plated.  My fish special was a perfectly-grilled cod served on a bed of arugula with crisp white and green asparagus with the yummiest béchamel sauce.

Driftwood Kitchen3.png

Dessert was a delightful topper to the meal – a raspberry coconut macaroon on a bed of raspberry coulis accompanied by an elegant sorbet.

Driftwood Kitchen1.png

The one thing that set this experience apart was the view. It was early evening, the sky and the water both a brilliant blue. We would have been fine with OK food just to see that view. So it was a win-win all the way around. The Deck upstairs is mainly bar food, but you go there for a glass of wine and THE VIEW!