My friends Betty and Larry moved to Big Bear almost 2 years ago and I still had not driven up the mountain. Lots of reasons for that but excuses can only last for so long. This was the weekend that it finally happened. I was kicking myself that I had not made the trip sooner. First of all, their new house is amazing with beautiful views from every window. There was even a deck on the lower level outside the guest bedroom (which I will now refer to as “my bedroom”). The weather was perfect, my morning tea was on my deck watching all the  “literal”  early birds taking baths and eating from the feeders.

Saturday on Big Bear Lake in their new tri-toon. I was the first to have the honor, and oh what fun it was. Larry can really pick up the speed, and getting wet felt good! Some food, a little beer and great company – what more could I ask??!!

That night, after a shower and a nap, it was off to Big Bear Village for dinner at Sweet Basil Bistro and a walk through town – of course a little shopping for us girls. So much has changed in the Village. Lots of new restaurants and stores, planters full of flowers, live music in the plaza and the many clubs.

I actually was able to leave stress and worry back home and totally relax in this deliciously comfortable atmosphere. Betty and Larry pampered me all weekend. They said it was only because it was my first time. Next time I bring the food and I cook. That is perfectly OK with me – and my next time will be a lot sooner than 2 years – like maybe 2 weeks!!!

Thank you my dear friends – it was a weekend to remember!!