The owner of this first-of-its-kind taco joint saved a landmark building from demolition by opening in the renovated Mexican restaurant at 2101 Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa. And what a great job they did.  Indoor-outdoor seating, a bar, and even a play area for the kids make this eatery quite unique.

Taco Brat is part Mexican, part German and the food reflects these combinations in one form or another. You can order Mexican from the right side of the menu and German on the left. The starters offer some combinations of flavors. The wait staff is very knowledgeable of all items on the menu. I was surprised that a couple of the cheeses were unfamiliar to me. I wanted a little taste of both flavors but it was difficult to choose. The menu is small but all food is made daily on the premises. Check out the condiment wall – every hot sauce you could possibly want.

Beginning with beverages – they have beer, margaritas and sangria (how could they not!) but it was too early for alcohol for me so I opted for my favorite drink of all time  The horchata at Taco Brat is made with almond milk so it is not as sweet as what you usually get at a Mexican restaurant. It was delicious!! My avocado taco was lightly breaded and quick fried for a crunchy coating. It was served with a corn salsa in a soft taco shell. This was so good, and they don’t skimp on the avocado. Served on top of greens, this would also make a killer salad entrée. The bratwurst in a nice soft bun was topped with grilled onions and peppers and a dash of their home-made sauerkraut. Nicely done!

“You went without me?” my brother complained. I have no problem eating there again. There are a lot more good things to try. And YES, there is Taco Tuesday.

The Other Thing – The wait staff is very friendly and helpful, and they actually act like they are very happy to work there. That makes all the difference in a pleasant dining experience no matter how casual the atmosphere.

I shall return……..with my brother next time.