You can’t spend any time in New Orleans without eating your way through town. Blogging about food is my favorite pastime, so here is the latest dining experiences.

Emeril’s NOLA in the French Quarter has been renovated since my last visit there (just 2 months before Katrina). An inside elevator leads to 2nd and 3rd floor dining rooms. Because of the neon lights in the ceiling, my food photos do not look at all appealing. The food was quite good, so a little description will have to suffice.

We ordered shared plates. Cheddar Cheese Popovers as an appetizer with my glass of prosecco and Kaitlynn’s  Shirley Temple made with blackberry nectar. Then turtle soup. I have never really known if there is actually turtle in it, but it was creamy and tasty. Next was fried oysters with fennel, ravigote, pecorino romano on a bed of arugula with a yummy vinaigrette based dressing. Dessert was  Sweet Potato Cake Donuts with blood orange curd and café brulee sauce and Dulce de Leche Crème Brulee in a chocolate shell, Mexican chocolate shortbread and sea salt.

Then a little walk through the French Quarter and Fulton Alley……