We returned to Tartine for our last breakfast. Kaitlynn had her favorite tartine with butter, brie and fig jam on a fresh baked baguette. I had the house smoked turkey  sandwich with gruyere, avocado and roasted garlic aioli on multi-grain brioche. Soup of the day was creamy sweet potato.

It is amazing what  delicious food 4 people working in that tiny kitchen can produce.

Our new very favorite restaurant which is across the street and down a block from Kaitlynn’s apartment is a wonder. Every single item on the menu at Chais Delachaise sounds incredible!!

Kaitlynn just got paid, so dinner was her treat. We began with a charcuterie tray with gouda and sharp  cheddar, then the Oysters and Brie for me with Applewood smoked bacon on a bed of sautéed spinach. For Kaitlynn, North African Meatballs Moroccan spice, saffron tomato sauce over Israeli couscous. It was all so very, very good, but the potato, leek and fennel soup was to die for.

The Other Thing –  Lemon Chicken at Maple Street Café,  yummy grits at Waffles on Maple,  beverages at Boulangerie on Magazine Street and the daily fresh baked sourdough at the Maple Street Patisserie – all making my latest visit to New Orleans another culinary delight.