The rain cooperated just enough to allow Julie and me to stroll down Main Street a bit, just for the chance of a leisurely visit to some of the stores. One of the pleasure of these few blocks is the variety of goods being offered – everything from vintage to the unique, a little something for every taste. This is a great place to shops for gifts.

We ate lunch at The Abbey – a fixture in Old Town for many years. Food is pretty basic but quite good. The soup of the day was Cream of Potato. It contained some chicken and veggies and was a real treat. My Black and Blue Salmon BLT was open face because it would be impossible to pick it up. The Salmon fillet could easily be served as a dinner entrée – it was that large. It was nicely seasoned and totally delicious. Anything that includes blue cheese is fine by me. Julie’s soup and sandwich combination included a turkey sandwich that looked like an entire pound of turkey  was between those pieces of sourdough. By the way, it was Wine Wednesday.  How could we let that go by unobserved.

On to Crema Artisan Bakery for some dessert. Just about the best brownie I ever tasted was followed by a fairly yummy Champagne Cake Ball. I haven’t tried the lemon ginger cookies yet. Julie’s blueberry muffin was “ok”. That is the kiss of death when referring to food. She bough some macaroons for her granddaughter. The jury is still out on them.

I noticed that Javatinis was still there. The gimmick is their cold coffee drinks served in martini glasses. Not much call for them in this weather but I had to try the espresso with vanilla and cream – oh boy!! That was more of a dessert that our goodies from the bakery. And they roast their own beans!

The Other Thing – One of the last of the local newspapers is still be printed on Main Street. I wonder how much longer the little guys will survive. It’s too bad!!