Sunday October 20th – LYON

Lyon, the city I have been anxious to visit. Except for Paris, our ports so far have been towns. Lyon is a city with a population of over 500,000. Lots of bicycles and scooters on the street as well as an electric streetcar. It is an interesting blend of old and new, with an emphasis on old, and not much English spoken.

We remained after the morning tour was over because we had a previously arranged lunch reservation at a Michelin Star restaurant – Auberge de L’ll Barbe.  It’s on  little island between the Rhone and Saone Rivers. It looks like a little French chateau on lovely grounds. This was an experience not easily duplicated. I am not even sure of what ingredients were in our 6 small courses. Everything was beautifully plated and so delicious looking that it just had to be good!! Most restaurants are closed on Sundays and reservations are difficult to come by. Kathy’s daughter-in-law made them for us 2 months ago. Auberge was the only one open on Sunday and only for lunch. The dining room held only about 20 people so the intimacy added much to the experience.

We chose the Menu Saison, and to the best of my ability and my memory for French (which is next to nil), this is what we enjoyed during our 2-hour lunch:  Appetizer of lightly tempura battered broccoli leaf with nasturtium and rose garnish, and finely minced mussels, tomato and eggplant with a crusty butter top Palate Cleanser was skewers of salty crusted tuna, duck pate in puffed pastry, and pork roll with pansy garnish, Main course shrimp over black risotto (Kathy), puff pastry with shrimp and vegetables (me), Homard a la Newbourg (Kathy), and Duck Foie Gras served in brioche (me), Chef Surprise duck cappuccino  (Can’t describe this – it’s not a drink!) Cheese Course (for me) 3 local soft cheeses (one cow, one sheep, one goat) accompanied by candied kumquats and grapes, then Dessert coffee quenelle on a soft prune cookie, a quartet of petit fours  followed by a red apple tart. Plus 2 glasses of brut champagne for me and some white beaujolais for Kathy.

The chef walked by several times to supervise staff and I asked if he would allow photos. He said yes “with discretion”. In doing so, my photos were quick and not my best effort.

Therefore, these are the best I could get photo-wise. The dishes looked and tasted amazing.