FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 – DAY 4                            VIVIERS

Viviers is a typical small town in southern France. Streets lined with sycamores, the smallest cathedral in France (the 11th century St. Vincent Cathedral), the Maison des Chevaliers, or Knights’ House is from the Renaissance that stands today as the oldest house in town are some of the interesting features. Founded in the 5th century, conflicts during the ensuing centuries required the town to be fortified. Time seems to stand still in Viviers today.

We were back on board by 12:30 because the ship was casting off for Tournon sur Rhone. At 3pm we got a tour of the wheelhouse with Captain Pierre Ackermann. He explained that there is always someone to guide the ship 24/7. It is never on autopilot –especially when going through the locks. There is less than one foot on each side on the lock for the ship to pass through. Sometimes it is necessary for crew members to push left or right to keep a straight path.

Chef’s Special tonight                                                                                                                     Salade de Chevre Chaud – mesclun salad with goat cheese toast                          Seared Sea Bass Fillet – lemon, caper & parsley sauce                                                         Nougat Glace – Iced nougat, berry coulis

Tonight in the Lounge was a brief French lesson by our Program Director, Jerome Sueur, and then a little talk about cheese followed by a tasting.